Cooling System Services

Cooling System Services

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BIMS, Inc. performs repairs for many different types of cooling systems, as seen below. Call us today if you have any questions or click on the links below to learn about each system.

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Chillers, though they can be expensive, are currently one of the most efficient and practical means for cooling large buildings or for providing cooling to industrial or manufacturing processes. In fact, if something like dehumidification is a concern, a chiller may be a better option than other conventional cooling systems.

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are what provide evaporative cooling to numerous systems that use water, such as chillerswater-source heat pumps, or even refrigeration equipment. They can also be used by themselves to help cool equipment in manufacturing processes. Like refrigeration equipment, proper maintenance is critical to cooling towers because of the water running through them.

Geothermal Pumps

Just like air-sourced heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and water-sourced heat pumps can both heat or cool a structure. They work by using a refrigerant that pulls heat out of the air and pushes that heat either inside the structure (on a heating cycle) or outside of the structure (on a cooling cycle).

Heat Pumps 

Heat pumps are interesting in that the system can both heat and cool a structure. It works using a refrigerant that pulls heat out of the air and pushes that heat either inside the structure (on a heating cycle) or outside of the structure (on a cooling cycle).

Ice Bank Systems

Ice Bank systems provide cooling to buildings in a highly efficient manner. Ice is produced, water runs through it, and air passes across that ice-chilled water to drop the air temperature being blown out. Because these systems produce the ice during off peak usage hours, utility companies typically provide energy price reductions to these clients.

Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are, in essence, a modular split system and can thus be either straight cooling or heat pumps (which can be on a cooling cycle or heating cycle). They can serve a single zone or as many as four dedicated zones, which can be very energy efficient if you need to only serve one zoned area at a time and shut the other three off.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs)

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (or PTACs for short) are small heating or cooling units that go through walls. These can be heat pumps for heating and cooling or straight electric heating and cooling. PTACs also can come in cooling only. They are typically used for small spaces, such as hotel rooms or some assisted living facilities.

Rooftop Package Units (RTUs)

Package units are mostly referred to as rooftop units (RTUs) because of their placement on top of buildings. RTUs are interesting in that they can serve as heating or cooling systems and are contained within one packaged unit for convenience of space. In other words, many systems are considered “split systems” because the furnace (heating) or air handler (cooling) is split off from the condenser which is always outside.

Swamp Coolers

Evaporative coolers work by the process of water turning from liquid to gaseous water vapor. These units use less electricity because they only run a fan to circulate air over water. The passing air uses the heat energy from the water to turn the water from a liquid state to a gas state, thereby cooling the air considerably.